This week was a big fail…with regard to my knitting plans, anyway. 

Things have gotten a bit more thick for me at work at this point in the term, and after making a promise to myself that I would make at least two hours a night to knit (after work), it became such a struggle that I had to surrender the fantasy.  I ended up trading in sleep for hours of prep work and grading for the next day’s classes. 

This weekend has been no different.  Our weather here in the Midwest has become unseasonably warm and sunny and green this past week, so the windows have been open, and I have been hunkered down with tremendous amounts of grading and prep work that need to be done by next week.  I have also been sleeping and sleeping, playing catch-up, I guess, for last week’s inadequate resting time. 

While catching up on sleep last night, I realized that my throat was suddenly on fire, and swollen enough that it’s difficult to swallow.  Yay me!  Why not get sick on top of everything else?  It’s just the way I roll…

See what happens when I don’t knit enough….um…I mean sleep enough.  Lesson for us all, folks.  Lesson for us all.  (Ha!)

So this morning finds me with a big jug of water and some zinc lozenges, planning for the upcoming week.  I did do some other planning as well.  I texted my big bro Tom, and asked him if I could come crash with him at his home in California when our college closes down for spring break in a few weeks.  He always says yes, but I never go due to my absolute fear of flying on airplanes.  I have flown somewhere around 3 or 4 times total, and every time I became more and more terrified until I reached the point that I promised myself I would never, ever do it again.  That was in 2007. 

This is the level of desperation I’m at here, people.  I’m willing to risk my life and mental sanity in order to go sit by the pool and knit for a few days in lovely San Jose.  Wander around Coyote Creek Wildlife Refuge.  Eat at some awesome vegetarian restaurants….

I’ll probably have to take so much Xanax to get me through the plane ride that they will have to carry me off of the plane, but hey, you do what you’ve gotta do.  Right?

And my brothers have been asking for the last 5 years when I will venture back out West again to see them (to which I promptly reply ‘never‘).  (I have another brother who lives in Nevada.)

If I do get up enough courage to go, I bet I could plan a pretty cool ‘yarn shop crawl’ out there, too.  I will also need to figure out what the rules are for knitting needles on an airplane.  Somehow I’m sure there will be some issue with passengers carrying sharp, pointy objects onto the plane.  I wonder if circulars or itty bitty wooden needles might be allowed? 

Can you imagine me having my knitting confiscated at the security checkpoint?  Ha!  I’d probably just go back home…

~Happy knitting!  (and take your Airborne!)