I should really be in bed right now…

So I finished my cute pair of fingering weight mittens last weekend.  It kind of figures that the weatherman is forecasting 80 degrees tomorrow.  I guess they will come in handy next year.  I do love the way they turned out.  I haven’t taken a photo of the pair, but I’ll try to post one soon.

I have unofficially decided that I need to focus a bit on the many partially finished pairs of knitted socks I seem to be accumulating.  There are 4 pairs I can think of right off the bat that are SO close to being done.  I seem to always reach the same point in the projects when my interest trails off, leaving me with multiple pairs that consist of one and half socks.

The major drive for me when knitting anything is to see how the yarn will knit up initially, and then my interest is sustained by my need to see how the finished object will turn out.  With socks, after the first one of the pair is completed, both of those questions are answered for me, so the rest becomes a struggle.  I suffer from a lack of motivation once sock number one is done.  All of the mystery is gone, and my mind starts to wander with thoughts of new potential projects.

So this week I have been working hard on finishing sock number 2 of the Mandarin Vines socks that I started a while ago.  I LOVE how the first one turned out, and I think I will love wearing them.  I am a few hours away from finishing the Alpaca Sox socks as well.  Those have been reserved for small fits of knitting when I need something mindless to keep me happy, but I really should just get on with it and finish them.  I also have the second self striping cashmere blend sock to finish, and then my absolute favorite Primavera socks that I would like to enter into this year’s Lake County Fair.

After that, I should be mostly caught up except for a little anklet that I will likely make the partner to this summer since those socks were a summer idea to begin with.

So I’ll be socking for the next little while, until my project schizophrenia strikes me again.

I hope you get more sleep than I will tonight. 

~Happy knitting!