Last Sunday, after that long, bad day, I grabbed this while at the grocery store.


While perusing it last night, I saw this:

Isn’t it great!?  I’m totally in love with this sweater pattern, and I think I will give it a go once I am finished with all of the current projects still on the needles.  I have four different sweater’s-worth of yarn, in four different colors to choose from, and it has been just waiting for a pattern that inspires me.

The other day, I also found this on Ravelry:

I liked it so much, I bought the pattern.  It’s a shawl with little cabled owls along the perimeter – and the owls have beaded eyes!  I’m thinking I would like to make this shawl with either my DCS with cashmere yarn, or the Malabrigo sock yarn that I got last Friday at the yarn shop in Frankfort. 


Meanwhile, I still have my Knit Love Club sock yarn that I got last month calling my name.  I think it wants to be mittens, and I think I might actually start a cuff tonight for a change of pace.

~Happy knitting!