So a few posts ago I showed you a little pic of the latest scarf that I cast on.  It’s a two color striped scarf inspired by a great idea that I read about in various places on the Internet.

All you do is choose one of those self striping yarns that produces long color repeats.  Good choices would include:

  • Noro (which I think was the inspiration for the first scarves designed with this pattern.  Many sites refer to the pattern as Two Striped Noro Scarf or Noro Two Striped Scarf)
  • Zauberball
  • Crystal Palace Mini Mochi
  • Knit Picks Chroma
  • Lion Brand Amazing

Then you choose a solid color yarn in the same gauge, which will compliment the host of colors in the self striping yarn choice.  You could also be really wild and alternate two different striping yarns.

After that, you simply knit your scarf, alternating each of the two yarns every two rows.  Most of these scarves are done in a K1 P1 rib (which is what I chose to do with mine) since it looks pretty and neat like stockinette, but it’s reversible and also provides the scarf with some plumpness.  You could do it in any rib combo you want though, including a mistake rib.

The alternation of 2 rows in each stripe makes dropping one yarn and picking up the second easy, since you just carry the alternate yarn that short distance along the side.

Slipping the first and last stitch of the second row of each stripe purlwise gives the edge an even neater appearance.

The striping effect is a cool dramatic look, with many possibilities, depending on your yarn choices.  Most people choose these really striking primary colors or jewel tones to alternate with a solid color as seen in these links: (you can click the photos below to access the origin of that photo)


For my scarf, since I opted to use this pink, subtly striping yarn from my stash, I elected to knit the pink stripes for four rows, and the grey solid yarn for two so that the color shifts in the pink would stand out the way I had hoped.  I did have to do a little twist on the ends to carry the yarn up the side neatly since I made the row number increase from 2 to 4.  I think it is turning out great. 

Using a sport or worsted weight yarn makes for a quicker project.  I, of course, elected to use my fingering/sock weight yarn.  I just think it is so darn lovely in a stockinette (or in this case, 1×1 rib) stitch, and it drapes the way I like it.  It just takes a lot of time to make so many tiny stitches. 

Even so, it’s moving along nicely, and it is making for a nice ‘mindless’ knitting project for the evenings after work when I am tired and I just need some stress relief.

~Happy (still one-eyed) knitting!