The Principles of Knitting, new revised edition is here!


It came in the mail on Thursday of last week, and I was shocked at what a large volume it is.  I never owned the first edition. It went out of print several years ago and has become difficult to acquire. 

I got a great deal on the new version on, having preordered the book before its release to be sure I would get a copy as soon as it was available.  Its an all-in-one resource for all things knitting: every type of cast-on, bind-off, lace patterns, colorwork, cabling, fiber types, steeking and pattern design.  There is even a chapter on finishing (seaming and blocking…).


In that same order, I mentioned a few posts ago that I also bought:


I bought it more for the historical content than I did for the patterns (although I may make the Latvian socks and maybe also the Shetland socks).  I’m hoping it will answer my many questions about the history of sock knitting. 


Lastly, with my new-found courage in colorwork, after a relatively good first experience with the Chivalry Mitts, I bought this:



Ooooh, look! 


Maybe someday I’ll knit like that!

Ha!  Well, today, I can add ‘restaurant’ to the list of places where I have knitted in public.  I am also happy to report that I am perfectly capable of knitting with one eye shut.

I woke up with my eye swollen shut, and without going into details, the entire rest of my day entailed urgent care facility waiting rooms, some pharmacy hopping, and at least one episode that resulted with me in tears.  I knew enough to bring along my knitting. 

Yay me! 

This is not how a girl should have to spend her Sunday.  Especially when the girl in question has to be fresh and ready tomorrow morning to lead three new classes of students through a new term of three new, important, courses.  Needless to say, while rattling around pharmacy number one (PRIOR to them informing me that they don’t have the medication that I dropped off a prescription for 30 minutes earlier and that I’m actually allergic to the antibiotic that the urgent care physician prescribed to me), I picked up a nice big bottle of vitamin B complex with vitamin C, labeled “stress formula“.  

Seemed like a good idea.  

~Thank God for (one-eyed) knitting!