Hello fellow yarnies.  I have much yarn to show off today.  After what felt like a LONG term at the college, I actually left work on time (WHAT?) on Friday, and decided to make a little (expensive) trip to the LYS in Frankfort, about 10 miles from where I work.  Nothing de-stresses me better than lots of sleep and some good yarn.

I knew they sold Happy Feet sock yarn there, and it was on my list of things to add to my stash.  I found this in a really nice green color combo:


I decided on two hanks.  I feel some cute, green socks coming on!


Then I saw it…….Dream In Color Smooshy Sock Yarn with Cashmere….in the color Cranberry Melt…..the color that Sheri over at the The Loopy Ewe talked up long enough on her blog that it was all sold out by the time I decided to order some.  I’m glad the store only had one hank, because I would have bought two (I just KNOW it) in spite of it’s $30 price tag (on one hand:  eek!  But on the other hand: sooo worth it).

After that moment, I happened to run my hand across something that felt like heaven in yarn.  When I pulled out a hank, it was Malabrigo Sock!  I keep reading about how stupendous this yarn is, but have never met any in person.  It really is like the ideal, perfection in yarn.  Unfortunately, there was plenty in the color that I fancied, so I bought two (once again:  eek!  But sooo worth it).


I was trying to escape while I still had hope of affording food for the rest of the week, but then I noticed that the store also stocked Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine (remember I used this for the lace scarf I knitted for my sis Karen last Christmas?), and there were several hanks in this heavenly oatmeal color, so I got two of those as well.  No eek involved as this stuff is really affordably priced for being so fantastic.

Who could stand such gorgeousness???!  And I really get a great feeling from buying my yarn at independently owned businesses.


I did get some knitting done this week, prior to the aforementioned Friday evening yarn binge.  I selected some yarn from my current stash and began work on this scarf:

I have been working on it a little each night since last weekend.  I’ll explain more about it in future posts when I get a bit more of it completed.

Make time for those knits and purls this weekend!  There’s a big UFC fight card tonight on PPV.  I’ll be working on my scarf while I root for my favorites!