I regret to say that not a lot of knitting took place this week.  We are approaching finals week at the college again, and I am WIPED OUT.  This happens every term, but this term, it seemed that the exhaustion and overstimulation began a week earlier than I am used to. 

I spent most of this week tired to the point that I could barely function, but with my commitments forcing me to kick it into overdrive.  Long days at the school were followed by hours of work after I got home. 

The only knitting I ended up doing was early in the week.  I had resumed working on the Fern Lace Scarf last weekend, and somehow on Sunday, I missed a few stitches in the lace pattern, only to realize a day later that the whole subsequent section of the scarf was not in alignment with the first several feet of the lace pattern.  Ugh. 

I tossed around the idea of leaving it the way it was, since after blocking it, and especially when I’m wearing it, I think it would be hard to notice.  But then I kept thinking that if it blocks out as nicely as I am hoping it will, that I would really like to enter it into this year’s State Fair (in which case, I’d like it to be perfect).

Initially, it didn’t appear that unknitting it would involve that much work, so I decided that I would unknit it back, one stitch at a time, until I reached the point just before it had gone astray.  I ended up meticulously unknitting 16 rows of lace, and haven’t been back to work on it since.

One evening when I was feeling particularly overwhelmed, I did buy myself a pizza and two new knitting magazines, but what I am REALLY craving is a trip to the local yarn store.  That would be just the level of ‘therapeutic’ that I need right now. 

I spent most of the day today grading furiously, and I even got the grades entered into the online grade book.  If I can write a few final exams tomorrow, that will really help simplify things for me next week.

My anxiety levels, though, are telling me that I’d better make some time in there for some knits and purls…

~Happy knitting!