I am very close to rendering my Breath of Fresh Air Scarf a finished object (FO).  I can already deem it an actual breath of fresh air.  It’s so soft and dreamy, and knitting on the lace edging was some of the most enjoyable knitting I’ve done in a while (once I figured out how to attach it).

Here it is unblocked.  I couldn’t wait to try it on.

Here it is in the SOAK, prior to blocking.


Here is a really bad photo of the scarf all pinned out, blocking on the mats.  It will stay there for the next day or so, until it’s fully dry. 


I’ll try to post some photos of it once it’s done blocking.  I’m hoping to finally get the Chivalry Mitts finished and blocked this week too.

Well, I’m off to shower and knit my mitts while watching the Super Bowl.  This week went by so fast, and the weekend went by even faster! 

~Happy knitting!