Ok, here it is.  It’s been seamed and blocked and it’s ready to wear.  It was actually ready to wear last week, but I haven’t had a chance to photograph it in a way that would do it any justice until this morning.  (I do realize that I look like some cheeseball modeling at a church fashion show, but just focus on the sweater and cut me some slack, ok?)

Here is the front:


Here is the back:



Here it is in action on lil’ ol’ me:


It really is like a pretty shawl with sleeves.  Even though the sleeves are attached along most of their length, I don’t find it difficult or uncomfortable to wear.  Blocking really did help it along, especially where it came to the collar which I found a little wide and gangly looking.  I didn’t knit the collar as wide as the pattern called for, and I focused most of my blocking efforts there.  This did make the collar look neater and less sloppy than it did when it first came off the needles. 

Overall, I like it, and I might even make another some day.  I used Lion Brand Amazing wool blend yarn, which is what the pattern called for.  The pattern is available free from the Lion Brand Yarns website (you must sign up, but it’s free).  Here it is as well on Ravelry: CLICK HERE for the pattern details.