I’ve been a bit of a stranger this week!  It’s been a busy one (again).  I’m one of those lucky people who loves her job, so the weeks just fly by for me, but I lose track of time.

I’m making great progress on the Raglan Sleeve Topper.  I’ve been really good about knitting on it every night after work.  After the whole reseaming debacle, I have added the collar, and I am nearly done with the border on the right front panel.  What’s left is the left front panel border, and a small amount of seaming on the sides of the sweater (and maybe some blocking), and it will be done.

I’m starting to get my usual energy back after a year of problems with it.  I couldn’t be more delighted.  Yesterday I was a machine, working straight through at the college from 7:30 in the morning until 7:30 in the evening when I left.  The students had wanted an after school study session and I had exams to write and print for Monday.  After I got home, (around 8pm) I made a trip to the local overstock store since they were having a promotion.  I do the coupon thing as many do these days in this economy, and since we have no ‘coupon doubling stores’ around here (as seen on TV), the best we can do is overlay coupon deals and sale items on top of store promotions.  It’s a lot of fun, and actually I did really well this week with three different trips that saved me lots of dough (about $100 bucks total).  The store promotion was only Friday and Sat, and I knew it was going to snow overnight, so after calling to check to see if the store was still open, I organized my list, and my coupons and my plan, and headed out to make my purchase. 

On the way back, I grabbed dinner from Subway, and once home, graded a set of laboratory homework.  I finally got woozy around midnight and flopped into bed.  It was snowing around that time, and it was pretty.  The dogs kept asking to go out in it, which made for a bed full of wet dogs at the end of the evening.

Aside from all of that business, one of my personal, fuzzy family members has been having some minor medical issues this week that I have been dealing with. 

I’m still enjoying wearing all of my knits (and a crocheted scarf made its way into the mix early in the week as well).  It was cold!  I would like to knit some more, but I am so close the finishing the Raglan Sleeve Topper that I want to finish it first, and I’m lusting over the idea of beginning a new sweater with all of that new wool I ordered from KnitPicks, so that will likely be the next new project cast on (even though the cotton sweater is still in the works but also coming along nicely).

Speaking of lust, I have also been lusting over the new Signature Needle Arts knitting needles that I keep hearing so much about.  They are customizable, and the fine “stylleto” tip is an option that seems like it could really speed up my knitting.  The circular needles feature a great cord that stays out of your way while you knit since it’s so flexible and relaxed.  I would love to have a set of SNA circulars now that I’m sweater knitting.  They break the bank at $40 a pair though.  Once I figure out what size I will need for the upcoming sweater, I may consider ordering one pair to find out if they really are as great as everyone says.   You can see a product review HERE.

But I digress…

I hope to post more photos of Raglan Sleeve Topper soon…..hopefully this weekend.

~Happy knitting!