We are having a blizzard here in the Midwest!  I can’t believe how much snow is on the ground.  I love the winter and I love snow.  It’s always kind of fun when  a big snow storm hits on the weekend or during a time when I don’t have to leave the house for a while, and I can huddle in with my knitting and the critters and just watch the storm, stress-free. 

The college where I work was closed down an hour early due to the storm, so after a treacherous commute home, my weekend started a bit early.  I was thinking of all of the knitting I would like to work on this evening, now that I have the chance, but after making it home, shoveling the deck and driveway (which is already TOTALLY snowed in again…), shampooing a dog related mess out of the carpet (I’ll spare you the details), and eating some pizza that was delivered by a well compensated pizza guy (I think I handed him something like a 25% tip), I lit some candles and promptly fell asleep.

Darn it.  I hate when that happens, but it happens a lot. 

This week was a packed week for me with regard to my job.  I still managed to get some knitting done, but obviously there wasn’t much time left to post about my progress.  The day of my last post, I actually ‘un-seamed’ and reseamed the Raglan Sleeve Topper.  I couldn’t stand it sitting there with improper seems.  This time the seaming is great, and it actually felt like doing it the correct way was easier/faster than all of that whip stitching I tried the first time.  The following day, I started the collar, which is simple but slow-going due to my schedule at work.  I’ll post pictures again when I get a bit farther on it. 

Some noteworthy crochet presented itself this week when my coworker Kim brought her finally completed (and first) pair of crocheted socks to work, to show off her cleverness.  They were done in a sharp, gray, self striping yarn, and looked very thick and warm.   Yay, Kim!  (Sorry folks, I didn’t get a photo to share).

Then I noticed that Devin, one of my students,  was wearing this very bright and obviously crocheted hat that at first glance, looked like a bumble bee, and at second glance, looked like a ‘Have a Nice Day’ smiley, but with only one eye.  “Where is his other eye!?”, I asked.    

Devin pointed out that his hat was actually a reference to a ‘minion’ from the movie Despicable Me.  When asked how he acquired such a hat (and fully expecting him to tell me that he found it under the seat of a bus or some such story…), he told me that he purchased it from a vendor at a museum he was visiting, and mentioned that she also had a website called something like Cool Crochet, but I couldn’t find it for this post.  I would have loved to give her a plug, and I was happy that Devin was giving his support to a local fiber artist/crocheter.

While looking for the website, I did find some images of similar hats.  You can see some hats similar to the one Devin has: HERE .  Very clever, indeed.

Stay warm this weekend!