I envy knitters who can focus on one project, see it through to its completion, and then plan out and begin the next project. 

My brain just does not work that way, and I function in a continual state of what feels like project schizophrenia.  My mind continuously wanders with new ideas for projects, fibers I want to work with, stitch patterns that I would like to try out, and variations with the use of color.  I seem to be on a sweater kick as of late, but I still favor the smaller projects, and I am still plagued by the “to do lists” and the “to try lists” that continually swim in my head.

Aside from Sweaterfest 2012, I have several pairs of socks sitting around the house unfinished, with the second sock halfway done or not yet started. 

My Chivalry Mitts have also been in limbo, although they are just nearly finished. 

I promised my cousin (prior to last Christmas) that I would make her daughter a cabled hat

I have also recognized, in all of this cold weather, that I need another pair of mittens, and my sister would probably like a pair as well. 

Lastly, I have a crocheted baby blanket that is about 3/4 of the way finished, and I would like to complete it so that I can gift it to one of our lab assistants at work who is pregnant.

Sometimes I think about enforcing a timeline for myself, or creating a priority list or a schedule, but way back in the beginning, when I first realized how much I love knitting, and how much good I get out of it, I promised myself that I would never allow it to become work.  Therefore, when the mood strikes me to knit mittens, I knit mittens.  If the latest hand dyed yarn to catch my eye never becomes more than 1/3 of a lace scarf that lives out a few years in a storage bin, so be it. 

I don’t really even buy my yarn with any specific project in mind most of the time.  I buy yarn because I like the yarn.  I figure out what to make with it later.  Sometimes I stash it away just for the feeling of satisfaction that I get from owning a few hanks of a yarn that I think is some of the most luxe that I have come across.  It’s like treasure.

The point for me isn’t always a finished project.  It’s the creativity.  It’s the challenge of a new technique.  It’s the excitement of discovering how a certain fiber content or colorway will work up. 

It just makes me happy.  Every once in a while, I have a finished object to show for it, and somehow, that’s just fine with me.

~Happy knitting!