Brrrrr!  It’s chilly here in the great Midwest.  We finally have lots of snow on the ground, and the dogs are lovin’ it.  I love it too, but at the moment I’m in the house with two shirts on, and I’m still shivering.

We have a three day weekend from classes at the college, which is really nice, but I worked my side job this morning, and got home around 1pm or so.  I’m so wiped out from this week, I wanted to do some knitting but ended up falling asleep in the recliner instead.

My big box of sweater yarns came yesterday, and it is all luscious and wonderful.  I have spent most of my evening tonight knitting up swatches from each type, to best decide how I will use them.  I also continued some work on the front of the recycled cotton sweater.  I need to block the parts of my Raglan Sleeve Topper, so that I can begin assembly, but I think I’m just too sleepy to do something that takes that much concentration tonight.

To be honest, I’m a little intimidated by the idea of assembling the sweaters.  I haven’t really ever done that before, and I’m still not convinced of the best method.  I also feel some tension (I think) associated with assembly because it’s the point of no return, and after months of knitting the various components of the sweaters, if assembly doesn’t go well, the entire effort could be for naught.   And even if the assembly goes well, and it turns out that I am a natural-born sweater seamer, that same assembly is still the step that reveals if the whole thing is the right size, shape, and style that I worked so hard to achieve.  That’s a lot of pressure!

So in order to relax and enjoy my evening, I lit some candles, huddled up with the pooches, turned on the UFC MMA prelims (I imagine I may be the only obsessive knitter who avidly knits and purls along to the latest UFC 3 round bout in the octagon), and knit up some pretty swatches with pretty yarn in hopes that one day, I can work them into some pretty sweaters.

Keep warm!