I spend a lot of my free time knitting.  When I’m not knitting, it’s usually safe to assume that I am thinking about knitting.  And when I am thinking about knitting without actually knitting, after too long, I start to BUY things related to knitting.  This is not always a good thing.

I’m almost done with sleeve #2 of the Raglan Sleeve Topper, so I’m mostly on schedule.  I’m hoping that next weekend, I will be able to block and assemble the main parts of the sweater.  The thought of this has left me with a bit of ‘sweater on the brain’, and so I bought some yarn (okay, a lot of yarn) in anticipation of future sweaters.

Even though I bought yarn that I do not in the immediate term need, with money that I really should be using for more responsible endeavors elsewhere, I at least made a relatively economical purchase.  I bought the yarn from knitpicks.com, a company that prides itself in supplying quality yarn that is affordable.  All three of my choices will be entirely new to me, so I am excited to see what they are like.

I chose a sweater’s worth (each) of:

  • Swish, washable wool in the color Garnet heather
  • Wool of the Andes in the color Persimmon heather
  • Full Circle, recycled wool (how COOL is that!?) in a color called Ponderosa

I was really turned on to the idea of the recycled wool.  If you recall, I am also in the midst of knitting my first pullover sweater in Lion Brand Recycled Cotton yarn, which I love. 

Now I will have recycled wool.  Full Circle is said to be a combo of Merino and Highland wool, and I wanted to buy bundles of it, but I decided to get some superwash wool since it is so practical, and also some Wool of the Andes since it’s so c-h-e-a-p — and I wanted to try each one to see which I liked best and how they are different.

Can you tell that I am excited by this purchase (that I had no business making)?! 

Well, that’s not all the shopping that I managed to do this weekend (and if I had a close and trusted friend, I would give her my credit card for safe-keeping, at this point…)

I was perusing knitting blogs this morning, when I came across some information on the Hide and Sheep Etsy shop.  At Hide and Sheep, you can buy all sorts of hand-made, beautifully beaded stitch markers, stitch counters, and these dreamy bracelets that are actually row counters in disguise!  I tend to think of myself as a fairly practical knitter, and other than a little piece of knitting bling that the Loopy Ewe sent to me as a gift along with one of my orders, my stitch markers are more or less all little bits of plastic.  And actually, so far, I tend to prefer those little plastic coiled rings to any other type of stitch marker that I have tried. 

But here is what got me about Hide and Sheep, guys.

I really wanted one of the row counter bracelets because I thought it might be yet another way to have something with me all day long that reminds me of knitting, without being totally obvious (and besides, they are so pretty!).  Since I was planning to choose a row counter bracelet, I was perusing the rest of the available knitting bling, and noticed how nice and how inexpensive the notions were.  This is where I justified adding some stitch markers, row counters and sock knitting needle huggers to my order.  I also had a 10% off coupon code.  And I have no hope of ever retiring.

Speaking of retiring, I am about to go fill out paperwork now that I am eligible for my employment 401K benefit.  Seems like I need to think hard about this one.  I hope, someday, to be a little, old, knitting, lady whose most pressing appointments involve meeting with her knitting group, and cranking out warm clothes and blankets for various charities.  At this rate, that’s going to take some planning. 

I’ll have plenty of time to think about it while I’m knitting all of these sweaters!  Happy knitting!