Happy New Year 2012!  This is my first post of the new year, and I find myself writing it amidst a flurry of multi-tasking.  My happy, peaceful, wonderful, two week vacation ends after today, so aside from grieving, I am trying to get as much work done in preparation for going back to my job as I possibly can.  I even made a list.  I only make lists when I feel I’m trying to manage the unmanageable.

On a happier note, I spent the last two days finishing a sleeve for the Raglan Sleeve Topper that I started about a year ago and then sort of lost interest in.  I am SO close to finishing it, it seems a shame that it sits there, untouched.  So I put the Chivalry Mitts down for a bit (also so close to being done with those) and started working on a sleeve.

I’m hoping that this week, I can work in small increments on the other sleeve.  After that, all I have to do is block the peices, and attach them.  Then I can add the collar and the front bands, which are knitted directly to the finished sweater. 

Another one of my brothers is in town today, which further complicates the situation mentioned in paragraph 1.  I guess things will work out one way or another.  Honestly, in spite of my feelings of urgency and being overwhelmed today, I am in a happy, good mood. 

Best wishes to you in the coming new year…and happy knitting!