I found these great Christmas cards while out shopping today.  Mittens and birds:  two of my very favorite things!  They appealed to my knitter sensibilities, so I bought them to be stored away until next year.

In other somewhat big news, I joined the Knit Love Club 2012!  I’m so excited.  I have never joined a ‘yarn of the month’ type club before, nor have I ever knitted Socktopus yarn (although I read about it and it’s creator – Alice Yu – in the December 2011 issue of Knitting (UK) magazine).  It took a bit for me to research the various yarn of the month clubs out there to find which one was the most worth membership for me.  I found this article particularly helpful (although now, it’s a little bit dated): 

Knitter’s Review: In depth look at yarn clubs (you can click on the link to access the article)

I chose the Knit Love Sock Club because of its track record (fifth year running), and because I have read great things about the Socktopus yarns and patterns.  I also loved the idea of the bound, pattern book/yearbook that is provided to members at the end of the year, not only complete with all of the year’s patterns, but a listing of bios of the year’s participating members.  How fun! 

I’ll be sure to discuss my experience in the club once packages start coming (after the club requested duration of time has passed, so as not to ruin the element of surprise for other members who may still be awaiting their own bi-monthly package).  It should be fun!  I can’t wait!

Lastly, I’m close to finishing the second Chivalry Mitt, so I’ll post photos once both mitts are finished and blocked.

Happy knitting!