There are only 2 more days until our big, family, Christmas Eve party and gift exchange.  It is unquestionably my single most favorite day of the year, and it has been since I can remember.  Since I am on a 2 week break from work, I have been trying to balance rest and recovery with preparing for the holidays.  I started wrapping some gifts last night.

I found these really great, chic boxes as well as some large gift tags on my shopping excursions in the past few weeks.


Here are the purple spice socks that I knit for my sister.  I thought they would be great in the silver box.


I loved these large, paper gift tags when I saw them.  I immediately thought they would make great tags for the hand-knit gifts.  I wrote on the blank side of them….


….and tucked them into the gifts.



I finished the set of cotton dish towels for my brother earlier in the week, and I washed them in order to pre-shrink them.  That way, there will be no surprises for him after he starts to use them.  I saw this great idea on one of the Loopy Ewe’s emails — put a high quality, hand milled soap in with your gifts of cotton dish towels and wash cloths.  I loved this!

When I was out at a local shop, I noticed a HUGE selection of fancy soaps.  I found this one that I thought would be perfect:


It’s a really large block of soap, milled in France, made with natural fragrances and sage.   

I tucked it into the towels for a nice presentation, as suggested.  I also added a special tag before sealing the box completely.


I think I had as much fun wrapping the hand-made gifts as I did actually making them!

For the rest of the day, I plan to head over to my parent’s house (again) to bake cookies for the party.  Then I need to run some errands, after which I will be back to focusing on this week’s nagging task of knitting my little fingers off in an attempt to finish Karen’s Scarf.  Only 2 more days left!!!

~Happy knitting.