I spent this past weekend away at a professional conference.  I left directly from work on Friday night, and stayed in a hotel associated with the convention center.  The conference was held in Peoria, IL – about 150 miles from where I live. 

After a long week of being ill, playing catch up at work, and just generally being worn down, I was really hoping that I might get some relaxation in during the down time this weekend.  I brought along lots of grading as well as some knitting projects (old and new), since I expected to have some (welcomed) boring evenings in my hotel room.

As it turned out, there was little to no down time for me.  While the conference itself was really educational and enjoyable, there was no time for resting, let alone grading or knitting.  My hotel room was a total let-down, with a 12 inch TV set, bad lighting and some past resident’s dirty socks under the bed. 

I’m still fighting some respiratory trouble and fatigue associated with the bronchitis I am recovering from.  Life is feeling like a marathon.

So I’m starting this week excited and motivated by the things I learned and did at the conference this weekend, but also exhausted from lack of rest and down time. 

Only 10 more days until Thanksgiving break!  I hope you had a restful weekend that included time for knitting.  Mine is coming soon!

Happy knitting!