While home sick, feeling miserable and feeling stir-crazy, I managed to find some ways to entertain myself.

Like you (I have to assume), I like to peruse other people’s knitting blogs.  I wandered around the Internet and checked out my favorites.  Over at the Loopy Ewe’s blog, they have had a bunch of knit-a-long contests going on all summer, and at one point they all knitted projects that used two colors.  Many participants knitted two-color shawls, and they are just so pretty. 

I fell IN LOVE with this one that Sherri knit up:  See it HERE

So that eventually brought me to shopping.  Now excited to make my own version of the shawl, I ordered yarn (lots and lots of yarn).  Some to compliment single skeins still unused in my current stash, and some in pairs to compliment each other.  I also picked up some cotton clearance yarn for my sock knitting habit, and some other sock yarn that I just had to have. 

Nothing like some yarn shopping to make a sick girl feel better!

For Christmas, I’m hoping Santa brings me a ball winder and a yarn swift. 

~Happy knitting!