Ok, well, I can add yet another location to the running list inside my head that I like to call “public places where I have knitted”.  This list includes:

  • restaurants/coffee shops
  • local yarn shops
  • one Independence Day parade
  • the waiting room of my car dealership/auto mechanic

Add to that list

  • doctor’s office waiting room

Yep.  I’m STILL sick (and miserable), but now on antibiotics and this creepy airway anesthetic that is supposed to help me stop coughing (but nothing stops the coughing if I attempt to lay down…).

I’ve been away from work since Friday when I left, and I’m trying not to stress.

Additionally – I noticed this:

My blog entries this past week started with a discussion of charity knitting and by the next entry, I was stricken (STRICKEN!) with illness.  Where is the KARMA in that!?  That’s what I’d like to know! 

So I’m behind on my school work, and I’m behind on my knitting.  I did get to some knitting last night on Karen’s scarf, and I have to say, I love the yarn and I love how the scarf is turning out.  I am still determined to have it done and blocked by Christmas Eve, when our big gift exchange happens.  I can’t wait to block that scarf.  It’s going to look so pretty! 

It is almost half way done.  Here it is as of this evening:

As mentioned previously, I have also been consoling myself by knitting on my Alpaca Sox socks during my lower moments.  I still haven’t gotten the second sock officially done.  I’ve been doing a lot of sleeping. 

I am excited to have noticed that it seems I may have a usable amount of the Alpaca Sox yarn left over when the second sock is done.  I keep noticing when I stretch the sock fabric over my hand that the yarn would make lovely fingerless mitts.  They would be just DREAMY, so I am looking forward to that. 

Happy knitting!