Finals week at the college and the start of the new term have kept me pretty busy in the last two weeks.  (Only 25 days until Thanksgiving break, but who’s counting..?..)  In what little time I have had free to knit, I have remained focused on my cotton sweater project as well as my Christmas (gift) knitting.

Shortly after my last post, I started a lace scarf with the Berroco Ultra Fine Alpaca to gift to my sister Karen for Christmas.  I chose to knit the Vine Lace Scarf design by Ann Budd.   


Of course, it will be “lacier” after it is blocked, but here it is in the works. 

 I am really enjoying the pattern, and honestly, I have worked on this project more than anything in the last few weeks.  I’m close to being half way done.  The pattern calls for the scarf to be made in two halves that are then joined together at the center with kitchener stitch (pays to be a sock knitter!).  I am determined to have it done by Christmas Eve!!!

Since I am usually working on fragments of several projects, I usually have more to show you.  I have lots of ideas in the works of things that I want to try, as well as a few pairs of socks that just need to be finished, or are awaiting a mate.  I am hoping to use an upcoming winter break to knit up a lot of the loose ends, so to speak.

In other news, I have had to direct my creative juices elsewhere, since I have need for a Halloween costume (it’s a work related thing) for the big day tomorrow.  I have not had to make or think up a Halloween costume in ages, and in fact, even as a kid, I was miserable at figuring out a suitable get-up.  I was often whatever my sister Karen had been the year before (and was totally happy about it).  So I am proud of my meager success in creating a work-appropriate costume for tomorrow.  I am going as my beloved, White Front Amazon parrot, Coco. 

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll post some photos later.  But until then, you may admire my muse: