It’s bed time for me.  I’m so tired, and I can’t seem to ever get to bed on time. 

I kind of had a crappy day.  I went couponing at the craft stores after work to cheer myself up.  It did actually help.  I found this great little keeper for all of my needle tip protectors and stitch counters:

I am always running out of tip protectors and stitch counters, so I have been stocking up, slowly over time, whenever I have half price coupons.  I think I may finally have enough.

I also finished the cashmere self striping sock that I started on Friday night.  I’m too tired to block it tonight, but here it is.  I can always block it this weekend when I will have hopefully finished the second one.


I like how it turned out, but the toe ended up kind of wonky and it’s bothering me.  I usually make perfect toes. 

Tomorrow is my big ‘ol birthday.  I sure hope my day tomorrow is better than the one I had today.  If not, I guess there is always knitting and shopping to cheer me up.  Aside from the vintage sock stretchers, I did get something else in the mail today (from Canada!) for my birthday.  It also cheered me up.  I can’t wait to show you, but it’s bed time now, so I’ll save it for another post – but here’s a hint: