I had a little time tonight to try again to find some information about my new collection of old sock blockers. 

When searching for items to purchase, I noticed that sellers did not refer to them as blockers, but listed them as sock stretchers or sock dryers.  As it turns out, they are also referred to as hosiery boards, and I was able to find a bit of information about them once I figured that out.

So the Walkerton board has a mark that says C.S.B Co LTD.  I discovered that this refers to a company located in Walkerton, Ontario called Canada Spool and Button.  It has existed under various names since the 1800’s and I think it still exists today under the C.S.B name, but I’m not certain.  I wish I could find the dates that these boards were being made/or were in use, but so far, no luck.

The second board that I made some discoveries about was the one with the mark:  Jos.T.Pearson&Sons Co  Phila  PA

I found one being offered for sale claiming the board was made of maple, so I suspect mine may be as well.  I also found one supposedly made of poplar, so I guess I can’t be sure.

This board was made in Philadelphia, PA in a factory described as a ‘steam packing box factory’.  It mainly manufactured wooden boxes but the factory also made other wood articles such as the hosiery boards (sock blockers!) for companies that manufactured socks and related textiles.  The name in the stamp stands for Joseph (T is for Thurman I think) Pearson, who owned the factory for a time.  Again, I wish that I could identify the years in which the boards were manufactured.  This company also started in the early 1800’s, and as far as I can tell, is no longer in business today.

Well, I’m up way past my bed time.  I have an extremely busy week ahead.  I didn’t quite finish the new sock I have been working on this weekend, so I will be plugging away on that when possible.