I finished the cabled cuff, ‘magenta-ish’ mittens last weekend (on Sunday).  They turned out nicely.  I plan to make a hat to match, sometime soon, with the remaining yarn.

Sunday night, I got really ill, and ended up sick for two days.  I missed work on Monday.  After that, the rest of my work week was quite productive.

My birthday is in three days, and I decided to buy myself an antique sock blocker/stretcher that someone had for sale on eBay.  Four vintage sock blockers later, I am addicted to collecting these things.

The thought of the history and use of these objects stirs my interest and a sense of respect.  I really want to learn more about where they came from and how they were used, but finding this information has been really difficult.  It seems like such a thing should not be so difficult in this Internet age.  The blockers I have collected are all well marked:

I love, love, love them!  Does anyone reading this have any advice on where I can find information on old sock blockers?  I don’t even really know how they were used in the factories.  Were the socks still hand-made, or were they being made on knitting machines prior to shaping?  Can anyone recommend a certain book or even which area of antique collectibles would include these pieces?  They are listed under ‘Americana’ on eBay.


Today my boys went to the groomer, and I visited my Mom.  I brought Panera bagels, which I shared not only with my Mom, but also with our beloved groomer since Flash gave her a black eye the last time he was there.  She said it took a week for the bruising to resolve.

I got the lawn mowed when we got home.  I also started working on some new socks this weekend.

In one more row, I can start turning the heel.  I’m hoping to finish this one tomorrow while my Mom and I watch the Bears game.  Go Bears!!!

…And happy knitting!