Found this new, wool blend yarn at Joann’s yesterday and had to try it.  It’s called “Sheep-ish” and it is SO soft, and it’s easy care, and it comes in really bright, crazy colors that I like. 

I chose a few skeins in a color called “magenta-ish”, which looks nothing like it photographed here.  In actuality, it is a really deep, grape color with almost a strange iridescence about it.  I decided it wanted to be mittens and I found a cute pattern with cable ribs for the cuff instead of plain old straight ones.



I’m thinking I will also make a cable hat like the blue alpaca one I made a few months ago from the remaining yarn. 

I’m still working on the second Mandarin Vines sock as well.

I’m so glad it is the weekend.  I haven’t been feeling well all week and I had to work a side job today until noon.  Now I’m home, knitting mittens, resting, and hoping to recharge my batteries.

Happy weekend!