I was at Walgreens waiting in line after work today when a middle-aged man with two small children was at the checkout lane across from me, buying candy and a few quarts of milk.  The cashier told the man, ‘I’m sorry sir, but the register will not let me finish your transaction unless you provide me with your driver’s license’.  The man looked confused for a minute, and again the cashier repeated himself and apologized for the odd inconvenience. 

Then the man said, ‘you’re carding us for MILK now?’.

I almost died laughing.

So last night I started trying to sort and store all of my yarn that has been sitting around the house.  You know how I feel about my yarn, and it was getting dusty, and I have fear of moth damage.

I try to seal the wool up in nice, tight Ziplock bags, which I then stow in totes or shelves.  I wonder how common actual moth damage is? 


Once I dug them all out of their various nooks and crannies around the house, I was a little shocked and appalled to see the number of skeins, hanks and balls that I have accrued.

I almost finished the endeavor but I need one more plastic tote for my unfinished projects and projects in the works.  I thought it would be nice to keep them all clean and nice and in the same place.

What was once my tidy little knitting nook in the corner of my bedroom now needs its own zipcode.  I’ll spend another night this week deciding what to do about that.