Workin’ on some new socks:


I’m knitting these on size O DPNs, with Tofutsies sock yarn from the Southwest Trading Co.  The plan is to start with a knit 1 purl 1 cuff, and then move into what is called ‘Mandarin Vines’ pattern for the body. 

The body pattern is from the book Socks a la Carte.  I am thinking that once I get to the foot, I will switch to stockinette, rather than carry the pattern along the top of the foot, but I guess I can make that decision when I get there.

Also, I got the latest Knit Picks catalog in the mail last week.  I love this catalog, and it makes me want to shop.  Great, affordable yarn!!! 



And there is this cool needle holder for taking your work with you:



I want one!!!  My berfday is coming up in a few weeks, but I have been treating myself a bit too much lately, as it is.  I have such a wild stockpile of yarn at this point, I think I need to stick to knitting with what I have for a while, no matter how awesome that new catalog is…