Good morning!  We are having a lovely Sunday morning here in boring middle America.  I just made coffee.  The dogs are outside.  I granted myself a ‘mental health day’ yesterday and did nothing but sleep and eat and lounge (after a quick trip to the bank).  Hopefully it pays off. 

The lawn is past my ankles again.

We are coming up on final exam week at the accelerated college where I instruct (it’s final exam week every 2 months), so I have been scrambling as usual.  I am hoping this week won’t be so bad if I spend some time getting work done this weekend. 

I did almost no knitting this week, but I did pick up this very unexciting project that I started on a whim (Imagine that!  Me, starting yet another new project….on a whim…) several months ago.  It’s a bed cover that I am knitting from Lion Brand Homespun yarn.  It’s one of those that can be knit even when I am totally brain-dead, but still gives me the knitting lull.

There is a herd of poodles that seems to take up residence on my bed on a daily basis, so I maintain a collection of nice, cheap, bed covers that can be thrown in the wash roughly every week, depending on the degree of stinkiness of the previously mentioned poodles. 

We all have our ways of using up the odds and ends of leftover yarn.  I have been known to make random, mish-mosh blankets that are meant to be USED, rather than looked at and then returned to the cedar chest.








Try not to be intimidated by that ornery looking poodle in the background.  You’d be ornery too, if someone interrupted your nap to photograph your old blankie.









ANYWAY…. this whole thing with the Homespun began a few months ago at knitting group when one of the crochet ladies mentioned Homespun yarn and the fact that her bed at home is covered with a blanket made of her leftovers. 

I’m not a big fan of Homespun yarn.  Like everyone else, when it first came out, I thought it was the most novel and pretty thing I had seen in a while.  I bought skeins in every color and all of my friends at work that year got a crocheted scarf for Christmas in a color that matched their coats.  I also made one for myself in the color that I liked most.  That was when I discovered that this stuff does not hold up very well.  It sheds a lot, and falls apart with washing etc….

But for some reason, when Mary mentioned her Homespun bed covering, I too needed to have my very own Homespun bed covering.  I figured it’s cheap stuff, so I won’t have to handle it that carefully, and it’s OK if herds of canines nap on it.

So I started my own, super easy (but this time knit on long circular needles) Homespun blankie that, if I ever finish it, will belong to the poodle herd in hopes of keeping my bed from smelling like the poodle herd.

I don’t have much to show you of my blanket in progress, but I did get my beloved newsletter from Lion Brand Yarn (The Weekly Stitch), and lookie what one of the patterns being showcased this week just happens to be:


Isn’t it pretty??  It’s crocheted with Homespun. 

The pattern is free at

Search for Magnolia Afghan.

Happy weekend!!!