Even though I had a nearly knitless week (gasp!), here is some of the planning and gathering I managed behind the scenes.

A while back, I ordered this:

It’s Stroll sock yarn from KnitPicks.com.  If you don’t know about KnitPicks, it’s magical.  KnitPicks offers high quality, luxury yarns at low prices, relative to most name brands.  It really is nice stuff, and I wanted to try some of the yarn.  I am thinking about using it to knit this :  CLICK HERE

Just FYI, I also ordered KnitPicks sock blockers to add to my collection.  They come in pairs, and they are much less expensive than the others I have purchased.  In this case, It seems you get what you pay for (funny how that works…) because the KnitPicks sock blockers have such a rough edge on the plastic that they snag my (expensive) yarn to the point that I can barely get the sock onto the blocker.  Not a little bit snaggy —  completely and totally snaggy.  Not good.  I’ll probably sand them. 

My Loopy Ewe sock blockers are light-years better, and speaking of The Loopy Ewe:

My Addi’s came in, as I mentioned, as did my Noro sock yarn from the clearance sale along with a surprise present that I just LOVE! 

Isn’t it CUTE?!  It’s  a little stitch marker for knitting in the round.  Super cuteness!  Being the super practical, utilitarian gal that I am, I actually didn’t own any flouncy, fancy knitting bobbles. 

I have an idea in mind for the Noro, too, but I’m dying to try my Addi Turbos.  I’ll probably start one or the other project today depending on what kind of mood I’m in.


…I keep plugging away on the lace with what little free time I find…

~Happy knitting!