I hate only posting on weekends, without posting during the week. 

It was one heck of a week.  Until last night, I had no time to knit (NO TIME TO KNIT!!!).  You can imagine how grumpy I was at work.  It was a good time. 

I’m teaching Anatomy and Physiology to the new class in our program, and it requires a lot of my time — lots of late evening study sessions with the students.  I enjoy it, but it became a bit of a marathon this week.  Hence the lack of posts and photos of knitting in progress.  I did actually take some photos after last weekend, but never had the chance to load them into my computer, let alone post them.


I got a surprise raise at work this week!  That was a great boost that helped to cheer me up.  I haven’t even worked there a year yet, so I was taken completely by surprise.  (More yarn for me!)

So it’s Friday.  And I’m too worn out to be excited.  I’m too worn out to knit (well maybe just a few rows…).  So I’m sitting here, with my dogs, reading knitting blogs and eating cake.  (OK, one of the dogs is eating cake, too).

I’m also plotting my next knitting projects so that I’m ready when my super-powers return.  The Addi Turbos and the Noro came in 2 days ago.