Thank gosh it’s Friday!  What a week.  I am SO looking forward to sleeping in this weekend.  I’m delighted just thinking about it. 

Usually I have some photo of my recent knitting progress to post, but I just didn’t have a lick of time to work on anything this week.  I was maxed out!  (And the lawn is still up to my ankles…)

Even though I haven’t been knitting, it doesn’t mean that I haven’t been knitty…

…I’m always preoccupied with this stuff in one way or another.

I got an email from Sheep’s Clothing yarn shop informing me that they have a Noro trunk show going on now.  It ends this Monday.  You can read about it HERE.  Samples of the patterns from the latest Noro knitting book (Knit Noro) are at the store for the viewing enjoyment (and inspiration) of the store’s patrons. 

I want to go!

The problem is, we are forecast to have a major heat spell starting tomorrow, and my car is without AC.  That would be a long/hot/dangerous drive in this weather.  But I only have two more days before all of the awesome Noro knitwear is gone…..and I kind of need more knitting needles…and I really want to go!

Sigh.  We’ll see what happens, I guess.  If I could go really early in the AM, before the heat, I might try that.  The store hours for Saturday don’t start until 10AM, though.

I guess sleeping in tomorrow wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.  I worked extra late tonight so that I could get things done and be ahead for this upcoming Monday.  Then I got a vanilla, waffle cone on my way home from work (to share with the dogs…..they love Dairy Queen soft serve…).  Yay for Friday!

Happy weekend, and happy knitting!!!