The other day, my brother and I made a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics craft store to break up the day that we mostly spent visiting my Mom in the hospital.  My brother and I both get lost in that store.  We can spend hours perusing the aisles. 

Back when I was in between jobs, I had a hobby of going out on weekends to do a bit of a “craft store crawl”, looking for any really good yarn that had gone on clearance.  I obtained a significant part of my stash that way, and I got a certain satisfaction from it.  That was before the days of Madelintosh and Dream In Color Smooshy. 

On this shopping trip with my brother, I certainly wasn’t looking to buy any more yarn.  I mainly needed some more DPNs for socks, and a book of lace knitting patterns (wait till you see what I’m working on NOW!  But that’s for another post…).  While shopping, I had to at least roll through the yarn aisles and visit the pretty yarn. 

Then I noticed it.  Scads and scads of red clearance tags for some really nice yarn, priced at 0.97 cents (and a few at $1.97, but still…).  Deep breath.  There was Kroy sock yarn, Debbie Stoller wool, and lamb and alpaca, 100% organic cotton…. 

I pretty much lost my mind.  Here’s what I came home with (along with a great book of lace patterns):

Don’t look at me that way.  You would have done it too!  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all those skeins of 100% organic cotton, but I couldn’t leave it there.  I’m sure I could use it for some great project. 

Anyway, I’m happy with my bargain haul.  The Debbie Stoller wool, bamboo/ewe, and alpaca will make great winter hats some day. 

In other news, I went to a local parade this morning with my Dad and nephew.  I brought the Rain on the Prairie Scarf (in progress) to keep my hands busy while we waited for the parade to come by, and it turned out to be the greatest idea EVER.  I continued to work on it throughout the day, in between kite flying (long story), cooking, and parade going.  I finished it a few hours ago, and it’s blocking on the basement rug as I type this.  Photos will follow in the next few posts.

Happy 4th!!!  Tomorrow is day 1 of the new teaching term for me, so it’s time for a bath and bed.