So again I’m a deadbeat with these blog entries. I was hoping this week that I would have all sorts of knitting to blog about since I have had the week off.  Things don’t always go as planned…

I did have some time to work on my leaf scarf in the middle of the week.  It’s coming along nicely, but I can’t work on it when there are distractions since it has many lines of changing repeats, and I end up spending most of the time fixing mistakes.

<<As an aside, I used the ladder down technique for the very first time the other day!  As a long time crocheter, it is intuitive that when fixing a mistake, you have to unravel all of the rows before and right up to the problem stitch.  This is not the case with knitting.  The book Knit Fix  (you can click on the link to learn more about the book) changed my life, and I have used many of the techniques demonstrated in the book for fixing mistakes, but I haven’t had the guts to ladder down to one yet.  I decided to try it on my Purple Spice socks (and I wasn’t even scared!) when I noticed two big, unsightly openings in the instep, far from the row that I was knitting on.  It worked great, and the socks turned out awesome.>>

Anyhow, my Mom started complaining of ‘the flu’ mid-week, and I knew something was up.  It’s never good when an 76 year old says she feels like she has ‘the flu’.  About three days into my suggesting she let us take her in to the doc for a check up, she was hospitalized.  She is doing well now, but a good part of my week was spent in the hospital, keeping her company.  I finished the Purple Spice socks while there, to many ‘ooh’s and aah’s’ from hospital staff.  I plan to block them today with my very own bottle of SOAK wash that I ordered from KnitPicks.  I was running out of my little sample tube from the Loopy Ewe, so I figured that if I am doing that much blocking, I should probably just get a bottle.  The SOAK I got from Loopy was a little sample of SOAK Aquae, which I really liked a lot, so I ordered a large bottle.  It is very gentle, with a natural, fresh scent.  BUT….SOAK also joined forces with the great Ravelry, and they created a special SOAK called Unleash (click the link to learn more), so I got a small bottle of that.  It smells like HEAVEN, people!  Like watermelon, and linen and lemonade.  I’m a fan.

Anyhow, I got to know my Mom’s nurses fairly well since I more or less moved into the room with her.  Her main nurse the second and third day was an awesome lady named Lisa who, as it turns out, is a crazy, crazy sock knitter!  We couldn’t stop talking.  My Mom was in hysterics over it, because (as she said) she thought that I was just strange (thanks Mom!) and that no one else could be as obsessed about knitting as I am.   But I know better!  We knitters are a dedicated and obsessive (in the good way) lot – and Lisa is one of us.  We talked about, sock yarn (and outrageously large yarn stashes), Sheep’s Clothing (a LYS in IN), blocking etc…  She has been knitting for 20 years (which seems impossible since she looks so young!) and she even brought some of her socks in for me to admire the day that my Mom was released from the hospital.  It was fun.  Yay Lisa!

My Mom is home now and doing okay.  I have more to share, but I’ll save it for another blog.

I hope you are having a great, holiday weekend — totally free of hospitals and mistakes in your knitting!



I had some time to take photos of the Purple Spice socks being finished: