It’s Saturday.

It’s the first day of an 11 day break from instructing (the students are on vacation).

It started with me getting up about a quarter after noon.  Then my neighbor rang my doorbell to let me know that her Godson is in town for 8 weeks, and is looking for jobs doing yard work.  This is a VERY good thing for me.  I had almost been hoping for such a situation.  Yay universe!!!

So yesterday I worked a little on the second striped anklet.  With last week being finals week, not a lot of knitting occurred.  Yesterday was a long day.  I spent almost 4 hours of it in my car.  With exams being over for the students, we had faculty in-service meetings at the Midway campus in the morning.  After that, I drove back to the campus where I instruct (about 30 min away).  My brother was flying in at Midway airport in the evening, but because of some extremely helpful cell phone problems, I didn’t know until I was already on my way home (over 20 miles away in a neighboring state).  Traffic was awful, so a usually 25 minute drive home took an hour.  I gave the dogs a potty break and made their dinners.  Then it was back in the car and BACK to Midway airport to pick up Dave, and take him to Chicago where my parents live.  I took a wrong turn and we ended up driving about 6 miles through a not so safe part of town that smelled like beer and urine for at least two of the miles.  

So when we got to my parent’s home (I was starving), I made some eggs and toast with some blueberries on the side (it doesn’t matter how old we are; our parents still love it when we raid their refrigerator.  They still seem to get something from feeling like they are feeding us).  I knitted some sock, played with their dog, and it was heaven. 

I’m ready for vacation!