One day of finals down and one more to go.  I was a workaholic yesterday since I got tired of having so many responsibilities hanging over my head.  I finished most of the list in one, long marathon.  That set me up for a much better mood today.  I hate having unfinished business.

I just finished the rest of my hand grading for this term.  I have two finals to give tomorrow, and then I must have grades in before I leave.  I haven’t even started preparing for next term’s classes yet. 

A strange, karmic thing happened today.  I can’t really talk about the details, but someone from my past resurfaced in a way I had never expected, and it seems is getting some things that the universe likely feels that this person has coming.  So interesting, and so shocking how things like that work.

I try really hard these days to be kind, and good, and fair to the people I interact with, regardless of the behavior and actions of those people.  Sometimes I’m left feeling like nothing more than a doormat, but things like this remind me that there is common good that we all contribute to in our own little ways.

In other news, something that I love even more than yarn is (are?) my brothers, and guess what?  The two that live out on the West coast are coming to visit in another day.  Few things make me so happy as a visit from my big bros. 

Every girl should get to have three big brothers like mine. 

I’m not sure if I’m up for knitting tonight.  I’m up for sleeping.  And I’m up for eating.  I’m up for destressing.  We may have a thunderstorm, and I kind of hope we do.  It’s cool and breezy outside, and I have the windows open. 

If you are knitting tonight, do an extra row for me.