So this morning I finished the sock that I mentioned in the last post.  It’s a small anklet/footie type sock that I knitted from some washable, wool, sock yarn that I got a great deal on via eBay. 

I got 4 balls, 2 of each in 2 different colorways.  They are self-striping in fun colors:

I have been having strange dreams for the last few months, and I usually wake up to realize that I have been tightly gritting my teeth all night.  This morning was no exception, and I had a monster headache as a result.

It took a bit for the Excedrine Migraine to kick in, so I spent the early morning finishing the sock:


Cute, eh?  I think it would have looked less “home-made” if I had done the cuff in a single color (so that it’s not variegated like it is), so I plan to do that with the second pair.  Aside from that little detail, I am having so much fun making these socks, and there is something about them that I like.  They will make great footies to wear around the house.

After modeling the sock for these photos, I gave it a soak in the sink.  This wool is very fine, but it’s a bit coarse, so I let it soak in a wool rinse/softener (it’s called SOAK and I got it as a little sample from the Loopy Ewe) for 30 minutes (see photo at the top of this blog).  Then I blocked it out.

Here is my blocking progress from this morning:

The Primavera sock turned out great after blocking, and here is the striped footie/anklet on the blocker now. 

Once my aspirin kicked in, I did feel well enough to not only get a start on the second striped anklet, but also to mow the lawn, which I have been avoiding all week as usual.  It was hot out there, and by the time I was half way done, I was soaked through my clothes. 

I also called the world’s best Daddy-o for a quick chat.  I buzzed out to Panera to get dinner.  I have never had Panera’s iced green tea before.  It is SO good!  Two thumbs up.

Tonight, I have a warm bath and some laundry in my future.  Then I have to get up super-early for work tomorrow since I have a large amount of project materials to transport with me for the day in addition to all of my usual responsibilities.  Finals are at the end of this week, so I am bracing myself for the chaos.  Friday we have some faculty meetings, and then I have a week and a day off again before the start of the next term.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this job?! 

Happy Father’s Day to all of those great Pappas out there!!!