Final exams are next week at the college where I instruct.  These last few weeks are always mayhem, and I didn’t have time to both knit AND blog after work each day, so I chose to knit.  Being the masochist that I tend to be, I planned a bunch of extra projects for the students after classes in this upcoming week , so I expect that blogs from me will continue to be sparse.

I have been wanting to show you these:

Aren’t they cute???  They are bamboo/cotton blend socks that I knitted from Crystal Palace Panda Cotton sock yarn.  It is one of my favorite sock yarns.  I always love the way the socks turn out.  If I make these again, I will not make the top band as broad, and I might try to invert the colors and make them blue with variegated toes and heels.  I am in love with the whole contrasting heel and toe sock designs.  I already have a similar wool pair planned.

I am also working on this:

This is one of the pair of socks that I am blocking with my brand new sock blockers (yay)!  I love them.  I have never actually blocked my socks, but this pair needed it.  These are my very favorite socks from my favorite sock pattern called Primavera Socks.  Aren’t they pretty?  I am about half way through finishing the second sock.  Then I will block that one as well.

I am nearly done with the second sock of this pair, too:

These are the Purple Spice socks.  They serve as my mindless knitting project that I work on when my brain is tired.  I am thinking about giving them to my sister for her birthday.

So there’s your update on this week’s knitting progress.  This isn’t all of it.  I cast on a new pair of socks again today, and I hope to have at least the first sock done by mid-day tomorrow.  I’ll show you once I have at least one sock finished.  I needed to mow the lawn today….and buy groceries….but this week had me so beat.  So instead, I got breakfast from Dunkin Donuts and sat around all day watching true crime shows on On Demand, and knitting socks.  The perfect “Kristen Mental Health Day”.    


No chance of cold feet around here!