I’ve been a bit of a deadbeat with the posts this week because each evening this week has been a spree of sock knitting.  I’m nearly done with the purple spice socks, and I also casted on for a new pair in Crystal Palace Panda bamboo and cotton.  I really love the texture and quality of the socks knit with the Panda cotton.  This pair is a variegated red color with a blue accent color for the heel, toe and a bit of the cuff.  They are so cute.  I’ll post photos soon.

I also ordered some wool from the Loopy Ewe with plans to knit a similar pair in grey and eggplant (purple).  The order should be delivered tomorrow.  I’m so excited!!!  I also ordered some sock blockers, and a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn.

If that wasn’t enough, I made my way over to Frankfort in this heat (my car currently has no functioning AC) and went yarn shopping (because clearly, I don’t have enough yarn…).  I really only wanted another little pack of 3 stitch markers (I keep running out with all of the projects I have going).  They were sold out of the markers, but I ended buying yet ANOTHER hank of Dream in Color Smooshy, as well as three additional balls of sock yarn, along with 5 balls of this great cotton and hemp blend, in a colorway called grass, that I plan to use to knit another Leaf Scarf. 

As you can see, my creative knitting  brain is going a million miles an hour.  Good thing I’m working a side job this weekend.  I need some way to pay for all of this yarn!