I have to say, I really do love the Weekly Stitch newsletter put out by Lion Brand Yarns.  (You can sign up for it on Lion Brand’s website HERE)  It is a weekly email newsletter that contains various patterns and ideas.  There are always pattern ideas for specific Lion Brand yarns, and I have so much fun looking through them.

I have been working on one of the patterns (although I have a few in the works) for a bit now.  (you can click the photo below for the pattern)



I loved the look and style of this sweater, and the yarn suggested for the pattern, so it was a no-brainer for me.  It’s the first sweater I have ever wanted to make (I enjoy making little things, generally – socks, mittens, hats….). 

There has been some question and controversy about the pattern though, since the entire length of each sleeve is actually sewn to the sweater (see photo at left), making it somewhat of a shawl with sleeves more than a cardigan, but still something in between.  I searched Ravelry.com hoping to see other knitters’ versions of this project, and to read about their experiences with it, only to find that no one is making it, I think due to concern about the sleeve situation.

I would like it a lot more if the sleeves were not attached, as well, but I started work on the sleeves tonight, and I think I have the answer to the question posed about the pattern on Lion’s website, as well as Ravelry.  Everyone’s concern is:  how are you supposed to move your arms in this thing, and won’t it be uncomfortable??? 

The sleeves are actually quite large in diameter.  They are nearly the same diameter as half of the circumference of the actual body of the sweater, which you can see if you look closely at the pattern (but this is not so obvious when looking at the photo of the finished project).  So there is going to be give that allows you to move your arms within the sleeves themselves, which makes it less restrictive and strange.  The entire pattern involves variations of ribbing, so there is a stretch to the already oversized sleeves as well.

I am excited to see how the entire Topper works.  I like the idea of the shawl with sleeves.  I tend to be drawn to more casual, cozy styles.  This pattern seems both casual and cozy.  And Lion Brand Amazing is one of my favorite yarns.