Know what’s nice about a long weekend?  The short work week that follows.

Know what sucks about having to mow your lawn after it has grown calf-high because the mower broke last week?


Blisters on my blisters










But at least I got the mower started again.  (Look at me all recognizing the bright side!!!)

There were actually a lot of little things that happened this long weekend that made me feel extra thankful for what I have: my job, my family, and the peace that actually does exist in my life.  Sometimes it’s just hard to see it, but it’s there.  The weather was BLISS this weekend, as well, and I actually started feeling a bit summery for the first time this year, which is great.  I didn’t even get grumpy about having to roast all of the way to Chicago when I visited my parents this afternoon (in my car sans AC).  I got a cheap foam cooler to protect the pie I was bringing over, and the pizza stayed nice and hot in the steamy car.

I got TONS of sleep this long weekend.  I got to spend time with an old friend.  There were two different nights where I got to light my new candle, and just knit away and relax.  I finally got back to working on the Raglan Sleeve Topper this evening (such a quick knit), and the back and both front panels are finished.


Now I just have to work the sleeves, sew the seams and add the collar and bands.  So far, I love the way it’s turning out.

I know that I missed posting on Memorial Day by about 2 hours or so, but I would like to take this time to say “thank you” to all of the people who either have in the past, or currently are protecting our country and the freedom that we take for granted.

Let’s not forget to be grateful for what we have.