Happy long weekend to you!  Look what came today:
















 It’s my Loopy Ewe, ‘Club Loopy’ pattern kit.  I was hoping it would come today.  The yarn is a fairly substantial hank.  Wound inside the main 100 gram twist is a separate 25 grams of a complementary color that is meant for the heel and toe of the socks.  Such a cute idea!  The yarn is actually called “Paca Peds HT” because it has some alpaca fiber mixed in with the usual wool/nylon sock yarn, and has the extra bit added in for the heel and toe (thus the HT). 

The bag is a good size for the average project and is easy to store.  The patterns both look so great, I wish that I could make them both, but I am definitely making the socks with my yarn. 

In other news, my dog Ben’s medication was also delivered yesterday.  He is still not doing so great, even after the surgery, and now he has a bladder infection.  The pharmacist was nice and went out of her way to get his meds sent to us so that I would have it by the next day, and she didn’t even charge me extra.  It was so nice of her, AND when I opened the box, already delighted that she got it out to us so quickly, she had tucked a little dog toy in with the prescription!  People just don’t do things like that anymore.  It really made my day (and Ben’s).

We have been loving the UPS truck lately.

On a whim, I made a trip to Target in the rain today, because somehow we ran out of dog treats, which is totally against the rules around here.  I found some great jerky snacks and little soft bone treats on clearance.  The trip was one of those where the more I walked around the store, the more I found things that I “needed”.  I ended up getting a new set of bath towels and coordinating hand towels and wash cloths (imagine pink on pink, with just a touch more of pink).  I love them, and I already ran them through a wash load so that they are all ready to use.  I can’t remember the last time I bought new towels, so I think it was time.  And I got a good deal.

I always like to fish through the Target dollar bins at the front of the store.  I picked up some useful odds and ends, including some super-cute bird motif pales and trays that I thought might work well for holding my knitting supplies.   

The Yankee Candle scent of the month is ‘raspberry lime’, and it was on sale, so I splurged on a nice little jar.  I have been burning it tonight while I have been working on my Rain on the Prairie Scarf.  It made for a nice, relaxing evening, with the thunderstorm going on outside.