When you come home from work to find that a neighbor has mowed your lawn, are you supposed to feel grateful or embarrassed? 

I’m not really sure… 

So I spent a large part of the weekend knitting (read: not mowing lawn), and managed to more or less make nothing.  I’m in an experimental mode, and I also feel the need to knit ALL of my yarn, all at the same time.  This does not facilitate the completion of  actual projects, it seems.  It still has the same therapeutic effect as actual productive knitting of things…  at least it still does when you are me.

There was one project that didn’t get frogged.  I finally settled on keeping this: 



It is the Leaf Scarf designed by Mary Beth Temple.  It is project #36 in the book 60 Quick Knits, which I got last Christmas along with Power Cables.  The pattern was written for Cascade 220 wool, but I am using Naturally Caron Spa Bamboo Blend yarn in Berry Frappe which I got on super clearance when I was out bargain shopping for yarn several months ago.  I think it works well with the pattern.

I really hope that I can finish this scarf before I begin 5 more projects though (mostly because I run out of needles when they are all stuck in various works-in-progress.  And I have a LOT of needles).  I also hope to finish the Rain on the Prairie Scarf and the Raglan Sleeve Topper soon.  I hate to lock myself in and force myself to finish things when my brain has already wandered elsewhere because I like to keep knitting as my ‘do what feels good, anything goes, no rules apply, enjoyable’ thing in life.  Honestly, how many of those do we really get?

Well knitting is that for me, so I have an interest in making sure that it doesn’t become a job, or a chore, or any source of stress in any form.  That’s the fastest way to ruin a perfectly good hobby, I have found, and I’m planning on doing a lot more knitting in my future, before I am done.  So unproductive weekends of knitting amuse me, but they don’t bother me.  I don’t think I could ever learn as much from a class as I learn from sitting with the knitting and the pattern and just working my way through what there is to work through.

Happy knitting!