Why does everything always seem to “hit the fan” for me on Saturdays?  This has been a theme for me for some years now.  If I get sick, if something breaks, if there is a natural disaster, it’s always on Saturday.  I guess it sort of makes things easier on my employers, since I rarely need to ask for time to deal with all of the trouble, but it starts to get on my nerves since I am usually planning/hoping to relax and/or get things done on the weekends.

I got really, really ill at work yesterday evening (Friday night).  I was able to rearrange my plans for my afternoon lab classes in order to make it through the rest of the work day.  TGIF indeed.  I got home and slept like I was dead.  I got up this morning to a sick dog (I won’t go into details other than to say that it was a great time since I am still sick myself), and then we both slept like we were dead some more.  I feel like I have lost an entire day.

Just like anyone in times like these, I tend to get angry at the universe – unless I stop to remind myself that it really isn’t all THAT bad.  So despite the fact that the back-up sump pump alarm is now sounding for the 11th straight hour, the dog still smells like puke after two (yes TWO) baths, and I am contemplating eating cereal for dinner, I will take this time to focus (and blog) about good and happy things.

Good and happy thing #1:  Cascade 220 Superwash Wool in color number 9859

I did a little experimental knitting (and discovered that I am CLEARLY not a pattern designer) with this adorable yarn and some cable ideas that I had.  I’m still not sure if my ideas are working, but the yarn is so wonderful, it doesn’t even matter and I like it anyway.  It is fun, and I might send it to my cousin for her young daughter when it is finished.  My idea is to knit a simple scarf with a single bold cable running down the center, AND I want it to be reversible.  Here is what I came up with so far.  The timing of the cable turns will be symmetric on both ends.

  I usually don’t like garter stitch because I think it looks messy and too “home-made”, but I like it for this yarn.  This yarn has a great feel and is fantastic to work with.  It even makes the garter stitch look neat and tidy.

This yarn was one of my random picks made when I was down at River Knits in West Lafayette, IN.  I have really loved every yarn that I purchased that day, so far.  I still have to try the Tofutsies sock yarn that I bought, but I had to buy some new size 1 and size 0 double pointed needles before I could try it out because the yarn is so fine.  I like my stitches to be nice and tight when I’m making socks.


 Good and happy thing #2:  The world has not ended

…as far as I can tell.  Although with how sick I was feeling last night and this morning, I was starting to wonder if the big one was coming. 


Good and happy thing #3:  I am starting to feel better-ish

-I think.


Good and happy thing #4:  Xanax (Ha!  Just joshin’)

Sometimes it’s not a good or happy thing, like when it makes you forget your keys, lock yourself out of the house, and your neighbors find you sleeping on your porch.  But stuff like that NEVER happens… (except on the weekends).


Good and happy thing #5: Tomorrow is Sunday.

This means that I still have a shot at this weekend thing, since there is one more day.  There is time for more sleeping and recovery.  Maybe I can do some of the exam grading, decluttering, laundry, and yarn sorting that I had in the plans for this weekend after all.  One never knows.   

Now I’m going to go give the dog a third bath (I’m really not kidding) and eat some cereal.