I’ve been getting up early every day this week to do some house cleaning.  Expecting to get things done after I get home from work is just a bad idea.  I am usually too tired, too stressed, and too distracted to start anything like that at the end of the day.  This ‘morning housework’ idea, though, has been working out well.  I was sure that I would be so tired at work after spending the early morning hours mopping and wiping and sweeping.  In actuality, I was energized the first two days — I think by the knowledge that I had gotten some good done at home, which makes me less stressed overall.

The mounting “to do” list was overwhelming me to the point that I just stopped doing any of it, so the early morning motto for this week became “just do something“, and it worked out great.  The house is far from being where I would like it to be at this point, but it is light-years cleaner than it was on Sunday night. 

I have to say, though, that I think it may finally be catching up with me today.  I am so tired!



I spent some time working on the Rain on the Prairie Scarf again tonight.  It is turning out lovely, and I still just love the pattern.  It’s the perfect, relaxing but engaging combination of simplicity and pattern detail.  Some patterns are so complex that they are exhausting, and require my full attention.  Some patterns are so simple that they completely bore me with unrewarding monotony.  This pattern is somewhere in the middle, and those are my favorite kind.

I am plagued by ideas for more knitting projects, and it’s driving me nuts because I have so many others still in the works on needles (and a few more tucked away in hibernation).  One of the most powerful motivations for me to knit is the need/curiosity to work with and try new yarns.  I love working with them, and experimenting with what types of “cloth” they will make, and what kind of projects they will make.  The problem is, my curiosity is usually satisfied somewhere about 1/2 way through the project.  At that point, I have experienced the yarn, the excitement of the pattern and look and feel of the cloth starts to wane, and then I start coveting the next yarn, the next technique, the next project. 

I wish it wasn’t always such a struggle for me to finish projects.  I just don’t get the same sense of satisfaction from the finished object that I do from simply gaining the experience of working with the yarn until I know what it can do.

Painted Cables Scarf (still in progress)

One motivation that I have for actually finishing some projects is that maybe this year I could enter some of the nicer ones in the county fair.  I always enjoy showing off my projects, and it is great fun perusing the craft barn.  Wouldn’t it be exciting to have one of my projects on display too?  I already have ideas of which project I might enter.  I don’t know a thing about entering, or what the entry requirements are, so this story is to be continued, until I figure out if it is even really an option for me to do.

 Time for bed.  I am thinking maybe tomorrow I can vacuum and mop the bathroom floor before work.