So the second Saturday of June is World Wide Knit in Public Day.  This was brought to my attention when I was at knitting group last Tuesday night.  The idea was started back in 2005 when knitters worldwide were urged to find some fellow enthusiasts and knit in public to raise awareness of the joys of knitting, and to encourage interest in our often stigmatized craft. 

Our knitting group will be at a park, with tents and lawn chairs, knittin’ with the best of ’em.

I am even more excited about Stitches Midwest, which I have heard is the ultimate knitting expo.  This year it is in Schaumburg, IL from August 26 through  28.  I am so totally going.  I have not been to a Stitches yet, and I have heard and read so many great things.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!    In the Winter 2010 issue of Knitter’s Magazine, there is a great interview with Debbie Macomber, and she mentions Stitches, and how much she loves it, several times.  That was a great article, by the way.  If you get the opportunity to read it, it is well worth it.

Here is my progress so far on the Rain on the Prairie Scarf

Exactly one half of the Rain on the Prairie Scarf completed. It will be much more open once it is blocked.

 I enjoy this pattern so much.  I had some time tonight to work on it, and I have already made my way through the first ball of yarn. 

Once a month, I work a side job on Saturday morning, and that is how I started my day today.  After work, I stopped at a local restaurant to get breakfast, and then I took a little trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I LOVE that store – it is one of my absolute favorite hangouts.  I am lucky enough that our local store in my neighborhood has the most fantastic and large yarn selection of any Jo-Ann Fabrics store that I have ever visited in any other town.  They must know I live here.

Being a creature of habit, I was not happy to find that they are planning a grand reopening after a total remodel, AND THEY MOVED ALL OF THE YARN.  Darn it.  I got over my initial irritation just a tad when I noticed that they are stocking some new and interesting yarn in their already humongoid selection.  Fun!  I, of course, wanted to buy all of it.  I settled for some inexpensive Lion Brand Homespun since I have been plagued by the curiosity of what kind of knitted lap blanket it might make.  In my experience, Homespun falls apart, but a friend recently told me that she made an entire bed covering out of it, and that it has held up to several washings so far.  This is good because my dogs love blankets, and I have learned the art of covering my furniture since living with those two boys. 

I REALLY didn’t need to start yet another project when I have so many others already in progress on needles.  I go through phases like this when I just don’t ever seem to finish anything.  One of these days, I will dedicate an entire post to all of my unfinished projects. 

Happy weekend!!