Now that things have quieted down at work this term, I was able to make it out to my knitting group on Tuesday night.  I always enjoy knitting with the ladies.  Mary was crocheting a baby blanket that she planned to donate to a church organization and Amy was working on a large, entrelac coat.  I was knitting my Rain on the Prairie Scarf for the first few hours, and switched to the basic socks when I became too distracted to follow the lace pattern required for my scarf.

We got to talking about the benefits of knitting when I mentioned that a family member of mine was attempting to take up crocheting in hopes that it might help calm her nerves.  For me, knitting is a great source of relaxation and diversion.  I am sure that somewhere, someone has done some study to demonstrate that engaging in knitting lowers blood pressure the way that petting a dog or cat does.  It feels similar to me.

We also discussed knitting as one way (in a list of many) to keep our minds sharp as we get older.  Dr. Oz, co-author of You: The Owner’s Manual, discusses this in his book.  As we age, we can slow down the onset of senility and forgetfulness by doing puzzles, or similar activities which stimulate our brains to make new neuronal connections.  Anyone who knits knows that most patterns are similar to puzzles, or codes to be cracked – and then there is the MATH that is involved.  This is partly why knitting is so impressive to me.  Most people see it as some boring past time for little old ladies, when in reality, it really is an amazing feat of math and engineering.  Really.  How do we making such amazing things from some sticks and some string? 

So even though sometimes it’s expensive, knitting is good for me!  Ha! 

The other thing that I find so attractive about knitting is its tradition.  It’s important for us to carry on these skills, recognize why they were once so important, and appreciate their artistry.  Being a practical person, the utilitarian aspect of it appeals a lot to me.  Aside from socks and fancy scarves, I have been knitting a set of cotton dish towels.  Once I used one, I realized how much better they are than any I could buy at the store. 

I wish I was half this inspired about mowing the lawn.  It’s up to my ankles out there…

It’s almost the weekend!  Happy almost Friday!

Mittens that I knitted for the knitting group gift exchange last Christmas.