The only thing I hate more than doing dishes is mowing the lawn.  I HATE mowing the lawn, but not apparently as much as I hate paying other people to mow the lawn, because I still drag it out there weekly and push the mower around.

I mowed the lawn today, for the first time this year.  It has been raining buckets for days, so the grass was getting higher and higher, and all I could do was stand by and watch since the ground was sloshed.  Some of my more ambitious (desperate?) neighbors were out earlier in the week, pushing mowers through puddles.

For some reason this year, my blue state is making me dread the sunny, warm weather.  I was watching a scene from a movie earlier today, and in the scene, it was snowing outside of a window, and it made me wish it was December again.  I actually feel consoled, somehow, on the days when it is gray and raining.   I think I feel less guilty about wanting to stay inside and keep to myself when the weather is miserable anyway.

The fact that my car is still without air conditioning will probably make this new anti-summer phenomenon of mine even worse.

–Finished the world’s coziest wool socks today (also more enjoyable when it’s cold and drizzly):

The surgeon called from the Purdue Small Animal Clinic.  Ben-dog is out of surgery and in the ICU.  He may come home as soon as Sunday.  Yay Ben!