I purchase little baskets to keep my knitting in with the hope that it will make things seem less chaotic. I'm not so sure it's working...




I knit when I’m nervous.  In fact, these days, it’s one of the only things that really calms me down.  So it’s no wonder (I guess) that with Ben in the hospital, slated for scary surgery, I would become a sock making machine.

When I took my little field trip to River Knits (the yarn shop) the other day, I purchased some great yarn, including a few hanks of hand died, lovely, superwash wool.


This particular hank from Lorna’s Laces was calling my name (and oddly, I saw the owner of Lorna’s Laces on a knitting show yesterday on public television, before I even realized that the yarn I bought was made there).






I loved this yarn when I saw it, but passed it up since it was the last of its kind at the shop, and it was not enough by itself to make a pair of socks.  I kept getting drawn back to the colors until I finally gave in and bought it, unsure what I would do with that amount of sock yarn.

After I brought it home, it wouldn’t leave me alone, and it really wanted to be socks, so I decided to make a pair of little socks.  I split the hank and made two balls of yarn and weighed them on the gram scale.  I planned out a pair of little socks with short cuffs.

Here is what I ended up with:


{Special thanks to the sexy foot model}

I’m old-school with the 5 inch, double pointed needles,  so I still have to make the match.  I actually LOVE how the sock turned out, and it feels so soft and cozy.

Ben’s surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, so there is, no doubt, much more knitting to come.