I loved college, and I love college campuses. 

Yesterday I had an unfortunate reason to visit  the Purdue University campus in West Lafayette, IN, but I made the most of the trip.

I had to take one of my ‘boys’ to the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for a specialized surgery, and he will be there for the rest of the week.  Sigh.  Clearly not the happiest spring break I could be having, but in the spirit of ‘knitting through it’, I planned some fun stops on campus while I was hanging out, waiting for the results of Ben’s preliminary tests.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a total and unapologetic “poodle person”.  I’ve had poodles my whole life, and my two boys, Flash and Ben, are both poodles: Flash being a standard poodle and Ben Ben being a miniature. 

I noticed this great memorial near the front door of the Small Animal Teaching Hospital, and I just loved it (for obvious reasons).









So I decided, in this time of stress and sadness, to check the campus for a specialty LYS – what we knitters call a local yarn store/shop.  I knew that with Purdue being a large university campus, that there would HAVE to be a great, little, privately owned yarn store.  Campuses are great for that.  They have everything for every interest. 

When I attended UIUC, I was big into yoga as a hobby, and was able to attend not 1, but 3 (three!!!) yoga schools complete with professionals of various disciplines.  The Iyengar instructors were actually studying with BKS Iyengar in India several times yearly – a far cry from the classes we get here in small town, middle America, at the community center, or in the local park on Saturday mornings.

So yeah, campuses have everything, and you can plan on it being the REAL, authentic version of everything, too.  How can you not love that?

ANYWAY….I bring this up because I did, in fact, find a local yarn store on the campus.  And true to form, it was the real, authentic, actual thing. 

It’s called River Knits (it’s near the Wabash River), and it is a nice, relaxing, store with a lovely selection of a variety of yarns. 

I noticed that there was a reasonable price range (many of these LYS’s tend to only stock the really expensive, foo foo stuff, giving the people who shop there the reputation of being “yarn snobs”).  I also noticed an ample assortment of superwash wool, which is important to me, because if I’m going to spend a lot of money on fine yarn, and a lot of time on knitting a garment, I would like it to be easy care, and remain usable beyond 1 washing.

Being a relatively new sock knitter, I have been wanting to knit with SWTC Tofutsies sock yarn (I’m a fan of the Socks, a la carte books), but no stores around here seem to carry it.  River Knits did not disappoint in this area, having a whole shelf of yummy SWTC sock yarn to choose from.  I bought three balls, and also a few, other, pretty hanks of superwash, hand-died wool.

I also found some super-cute little point protectors (I never seem to have enough of those with all of the projects I have going on…) that look like tiny, purple balls of yarn.  Super affordable at $2.95.  Yay!











The store clerk told me that River Knits has been a store for the last 8 years or so.  She gave me a free, reusable tote bag with my purchase.  It has a wide, flat bottom, great for carrying around various books and knitting projects, which I find myself doing often these days. 

Perusing the yarns and supplies helped me to keep my mind off of the main issue at hand (Mr. Ben).  I found a nice Panera for lunch and settled into an empty arm-chair for several hours to work on the Raglan Sleeve Topper.  In addition to the back, the left front panel is now finished.

Ben’s CT scan is today.  I am told he ate his dinner last night, like a little trooper.  Here at home, Flash and I are the littlest bit lost.