Lucky me, I have the week off for “spring break”.  I recently made a rather significant career switch, and am now an instructor in my field of work.  So we have fun things like work days that end at 3:30pm, and “spring break”. 

Extra free time means more knitting for me (among other things).  I am currently working on this:    Raglan Sleeve Topper (you can click the photo to link to the free pattern).     

Image of Raglan Sleeve Topper

 I LOVE the yarn used for this pattern (I won’t name it for fear of sounding like a paid, product promoter).  The pattern was sent to me in a whole list of patterns that were designed specifically for this yarn, so I just had to make one of them. 
-and I have just completed the back panel.   So far, so good.

I chose to use the colorway "Olympia" instead of the one used in the photo of the finished garment.














 Now I start working on the front panels, and then the sleeves.  I have always enjoyed knitting little things, so I have not, yet, knitted an actual sweater sized garment.  This will be a first. 


 So one of the main reasons I wanted to learn to knit – I mean REALLY learn to knit – was that I was fascinated with the making of socks. I wanted to knit socks right from the start. Being a self-taught knitter (no classes for me…), it actually took about two years before I was able to sit down with the book of my choice (Getting Started Knitting Socks, by Ann Budd), and read the pattern and knit those socks.










I’ve been knitting socks now for around a year, and am currently on my third pair.  That’s not to say that it has taken me a year to knit three pairs of socks.  I tend to have at least 5 projects at a time going on needles, all around the house.  Even though I am delighted to now consider myself  “a sock knitter”, it took some time before I was actually willing to WEAR any of them since I couldn’t get past the feeling that they are little works of art (aren’t they?!).

Primavera sock pattern - the prettiest sock pattern that I have seen so far.


So I just had to mention that I finally wore some homemade socks yesterday, and I am happy to report that there was no poking through of toes, or unraveling of stitches. They survived!!!  Although they don’t look quite like the works of art they were at the beginning of the day.

  Now they just kind of look like…socks.